White House struggles to get story right on raid

Killing Osama bin Laden was a big achievement for the U.S., but how absolutely the arrest went bottomward is addition news -- and another, and another.Over two days, the White House has offered adverse versions of events, including misidentifying which of bin Laden's sons was dead and abominably adage bin Laden's wife died in gunfire, as it tries to array through what the president's columnist secretary alleged the "fog of combat" and aftermath an authentic account.Press Secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that admiral were aggravating to get advice out as bound as accessible about the circuitous accident witnessed by aloof a scattering of people, and the news band was actuality corrected.We provided a abundant accord of advice with abundant alacrity in adjustment to acquaint you. ... And acutely some of the advice was, came in allotment by allotment and is actuality advised and adapted and abundant on," Carney said.The contradictions and misstatements reflect the actuality that alike in the case of a awful acknowledged and accepted mission, the abashing inherent in a fast-paced, capricious aggressive arrest conducted beneath acute burden in a adopted country does not accommodate itself anon to a tidy news line.