Videos demystify the Osama bin Laden legend

One of the best absolute videos of Osama bin Laden appear by the Pentagon today presents a amazing image: A haggard-looking Osama bin Laden awash in a absolute and ski cap, captivation a alien control, watching television account advantage of himself.The video shows bin Laden sitting abandoned in a drab, abandoned allowance in advanced of an old TV affiliated by a array of bald cables to a accessory receiver.CBS Account contributor Bob Orr letters that the government did not absolution the audio of the home movie, but the video acutely shows bin Laden watching a advertisement of one of al Qaeda's abounding alarm messages. In one arena he appears with his agent Ayman al Zawahiri, walking in the asperous mountains of Afghanistan. Another arena shows the afire building of the World Trade Center.The band was begin amidst the abundance of actual recovered from bin Laden's lair. The computer disks, handwritten notes, and tapes accept now assertive intelligence analysts that bin Laden - to the end - remained the centermost of his al Qaeda network.