Vatican Fires Outspoken Australian Bishop Morris

Pope Benedict XVI has accursed an abrupt Australian abbey who had alleged on the abbey to accede aldermanic women and affiliated men.The Vatican said in a account Monday that the pope had "removed from pastoral care" Abbey William Morris of the Toowoomba diocese, west of Brisbane.Australian media address that Morris afresh appear an accessible letter adage he was actuality removed for a 2006 bulletin to the affectionate in which he argued that a curtailment of priests should alert the abbey to accede aldermanic women and affiliated men.Benedict, as did his just-beatified predecessor, John Paul II, has adamantly upheld Vatican teaching that alone chaste men can be advancing in the Roman Catholic church, although affiliated men in the Latin rite abbey loyal to the abbey can become priests. Recent years accept additionally apparent the Vatican acquiescently acceptable affiliated Anglican priests who accept adapted to Roman Catholicism.Morris said the letter sparked complaints to Rome, which in about-face led to a Vatican investigation. According to the circadian bi-weekly The Australian, Morris said he had never accounting a letter of resignation.