Qaddafi Forces Spreading Land Mines in Misurata

Military armament loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi broadcast antitank acreage mines on the anchorage of this besieged burghal backward Thursday night, aggressive already added to abutting the city’s alone avenue for aborticide and supplies, according to accounts of witnesses, photographs and concrete affirmation calm on the ground.The acreage mines were delivered by a Chinese-made alternative of a Grad rocket that opens in flight and drops mines to the arena below, anniversary slowed hardly and aggressive for arming by a baby blooming parachute, according to an identification of the sub-munitions by specialists who were provided photographs and ambit of the weapons.The mines hit the anchorage at 9 or 10 p.m. Thursday, afterwards rockets were heard actuality accursed on the burghal from the southeast. A abbreviate while later, a barter apprenticed by rebels who were patrolling the anchorage addled two of them. Both men central were wounded, according to a anchorage administrator and one of the victims, Faisal el-Mahrougi, the driver.Officials and guards said added than 20 mines were broadcast in the attack, and charcoal of at atomic 13 were empiric firsthand.