All Reverse mortgage company is one of the Top 5 Reverse mortgage brokers in US. Their goal is to provide the best reverse mortgage terms by give their customers’ extraordinary services. Better Business Bureau has given A+ rating. All reverse mortgage company is the member of national reverse mortgage lenders association and they strictly follow their code of conduct. One of their best services provided by All Reverse Mortgage Company is Reverse mortgage calculator. Reverse Mortgage calculator helps to estimate your reverse mortgage loan. The procedures are based on the age of the youngest applicant, current interest rates and your homes property value. This mortgage calculator is just like other generic calculators found online but in case of reverse mortgage loan calculator updates all current programs and rates offered.

You have many available programs in Reverse mortgage loan calculator. They have the option to choose. They options available are Fixed and Adjustable Rate loan. The choice depends on your request. The rate sheets are available on the website ALLRMC.COM or call the office to know more about the difference between Fixed and Adjustable Rate loan. The available principal amount is determined by your age, HUD home limit or your home’s value (which ever is less) and also on the current interest rate. The NET amount is calculated by subtracting all financed fees and pay offs to existing liens on the property including property taxes. Line of credit option is another way which is done through adjustable rate products. The available funds in this method of reverse mortgage product grow with our age. Reverse mortgage loans are known as “Age Based” loans. One of the advantage is Reverse mortgage loan line of credit is federally insured and is always guaranteed. Bank has no authority to freeze the account.

Another option is to have a guaranteed monthly distribution. The choice is yours that you can receive these funds for lifetime (tenure) or for a specified period of time (Term). Your choice is on monthly basis you will receive a amount at the beginning of each month and it will be directly deposited on your account and those amounts are tax free and it is guaranteed as long as you live in your home. The main feature of monthly payment is the amount is guaranteed as long as you live at your house even if you live for 100 yrs. You can also select the combination of all options also.

If you are not still living in your own house and wish to buy one. You can purchase reverse mortgage calculator from them and try to find the estimate on the new homes.