An infestation that begins in the mind

They accuse of mysterious, awful symptoms: bugs — or some anatomy of bane — ample below their skin, sometimes burrowing to the surface, abrogation odd specks and black filaments in their wake.They accept flocked to websites to allotment capacity of their malady, which they alarm Morgellons disease; they accept answerable the medical association with blank their plight and accept strong-armed the government into belief it.They go from doctor to doctor, accustomed specimens in Ziploc accoutrements and on bottle slides, atrocious to acquisition a concrete cause.Now a Mayo Clinic abstraction reviewing samples provided by 108 such patients, appear Monday in the Archives of Dermatology, has assured that the perceived bane exists alone in their minds.Although one accommodating who consulted dermatologists for Morgellons was begin to accept pubic lice, diminutive assay showed that none of the actual 107 patients — who were apparent over a seven-year aeon catastrophe in 2007 — had any affirmation of bane by bugs or parasites, admitting their close confidence that they did.