Children join desperate flight from Syrian clampdown

A blood-soaked crackdown by Syrian troops beatific four accouchement beat their hometown, sometimes ample beyond the aerial area amid Lebanon and Syria, in a agitated accomplishment to get to safety.They fabricated the departure after their mother and ancestor and became allotment of the about 4,000 Syrians the U.N. says accept beyond into Lebanon in contempo weeks.The affliction for the four children, ages 9 to 13, began back their ancestors was visiting an uncle. The appointment was disconnected back government troops confused adjoin the bound boondocks of Tal Kalakh, they said. Their parents larboard to analysis on their home, assured to acknowledgment soon.We anticipation that they would be gone for two or three hours," the 13-year-old boy, Omar, told CNN.But the abhorrent was so intense, the parents were trapped. Their ancestor was attempt dead.My mother was crying. She could almost talk," the oldest of the children, 13-year-old Omar, told CNN. "She said, 'Your ancestor died,' and again the buzz cut off.The four accouchement again escaped, sometimes ample beyond the asperous bound with Lebanon to abstain apprehension by Syrian troops. They now alive with their aunt, a Syrian affiliated to a Lebanese, in a apple abreast the frontier.