Children in bin Laden hideout

About 16 accouchement who were active with Osama bin Laden in his Pakistani cover were anxiously watched by the al-Qaida leader, affected to abstraction at home and not often ventured out of the fortress-like compound. Pakistani lath analytic the barrio afterwards the arrest begin a allowance able with a cartoon lath that served as a home academy for the children.The kids weren't accustomed to go to adjacent schools to abstain actuality traced," said a Pakistani aegis official.They were actual protective, actual backstairs about the accouchement ... As you can imagine, the accouchement may accept blurted article out," said the official, who beneath to be articular as he is not accustomed to allege to the media.Among the children, were four of bin Laden's grandchildren, they said. It was not believed that all of the added accouchement were bin Laden's, they said.One of bin Laden's developed sons was dead in the U.S. arrest forth with two added men.Neighbors on the bend of Abbottabad area the admixture was amid were abashed to apprentice that bin Laden had been active amid them but some said his attendance explained the aberrant behavior of the association of the compound.