More About ArtFire

We are a small team of business women who deal with varied accessories for men and women. We are highly passionate about handmade jewellery and were struggling to grow when we were fortunate to find, referred by a friend. Initially we were skeptical about approaching them as we weren’t sure of the success. But as we got to know them we just loved it, the portal is just fabulous! With umpteen options provided, we were swept off our feet. is an online site that encourages Fine Artists, Hand crafters, Designers, Media producers, Vintage sellers, Antique Sellers and Art/Craft Supply sellers. They provide a strong support through well established e-commerce. Their unique list of features offered at is sure to guarantee success and prosperous sales. It sure is distinct as compared to other marketplaces. Starting with auto-publishing of items on various shopping portals like Google shopping, Bing shopping,, an exclusive blog for each of the members, an exclusive Facebook business page, these tools are very promising and help approach numerous shoppers online. The website includes an exclusive pro toolset like ’Fusion Studio’, ‘Market Hub’, etc.

They also have built a dynamic gallery which enthralls any shopper and also facilitate deals and gift certificates which are a sure formulae to attract more people. With e-shopping being the in-thing, this idea helps far fetch. They are also magnanimous as they also offer an option for free basic account which provides unlimited listings and no commissions and a much more powerful "Pro" account for the flat monthly fee of $9.95 per month. You can sure find out more about selling on ArtFire. To add to the delight of even the shoppers, they provide flexibility through multiple pay options like Amazon, PayPal, Google Checkout, next month inline Credit Cards and you could pay through multinational currency. Their response time is amazing and the customer is never kept waiting for more than 30 seconds while trying to checkout their shopping cart. With shopping made so exciting and easy, they attract a mass. Their record shows that their tools help reach tools 60 million potential shoppers per month.

Here, we have earned our share of success by launching our products through Business has never proved this profitable and exciting earlier. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for patrons for your business, hurry up and register yourself with Carve your own niche and path to definite growth.