Japan death toll reportedly exceeds 680

The afterlife assessment from Friday's 8.9 convulsion in Japan exceeded 687 as of Saturday midnight, according to a badge account appear by Kyodo Account Agency, and the cardinal of casualties was accepted to increase.The account bureau appear that an added 200 to 300 anonymous bodies were transferred to Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.About 300,000 association had been abandoned Saturday in bristles prefectures, including Iwate and Fukushima, the account bureau reported, citation the Japanese National Badge Agency. According to the Japanese government, the amount included about 50,000 bodies active abreast the Fukushima nuclear ability plants, which were damaged in the quake.Fires remained a botheration in residential areas Saturday such as Kesennuma in Miyagi prefecture, which battled three all-embracing fires, one a bisected mile long.About 3,400 barrio had been destroyed, the account bureau reported, citation the Japanese blaze agency. The Japanese abundance admiral said 181 of its facilities, including nursing homes, had been damaged, the account bureau reported.