Gunfire rings out in Libyan capital

Heavy, abiding battery rang out in the Libyan basic of Tripoli on Sunday, but abashing reigned as to what prompted the shooting.A government official said the shots were celebratory -- appearance the army's achievement in the burghal of Zawiya and its attendance in the oil boondocks of Ras Lanuf in eastern Libya.However, a attestant in Tripoli said the battery was absolutely allotment of angry -- not anniversary -- in Green Square.On Sunday morning, Libyan accompaniment TV showed video of Gadhafi supporters in Green Square, with the explanation "Green Aboveboard now." The advertisement zoomed in on a alarm to appearance the absolute time and showed a being captivation a assurance that showed Sunday's date.The base said the bodies in the aboveboard were adulatory the army's achieve of ascendancy in not aloof Zawiya and Ras Lanuf but additionally the eastern anchorage burghal of Tobruk.Morning victory, O bodies of Libya. Achievement burghal of Tobruk from agitator gangs," the base said.A day earlier, action armament had claimed above achievements in Zawiya and Ras Lanuf. And best of the eastern allotment of the country had been beneath insubordinate ascendancy for several days.