Cycling Activists Run Down in Brazil

A motorist sped his car through a backpack of added than 100 cycling activists in southern Brazil, sending bikes and agreeable riders aerial through the air and landing adamantine on the city in a arena captured on abecedarian video and acquaint online.At atomic 40 cyclists were injured, with best adversity cuts and burst bones, but cipher was killed, authorities said.Police said the suspect, whose name they did not release, fled the arena of the adventure Friday black in Porto Alegre. He was brought in for analytic Monday afterwards authorities begin his alone car over the weekend.The man claimed riders amidst his agent and began assault on it, causing him to agitation and abhorrence for his life, badge said.But the advance investigator in the case alleged that adaptation of contest "fanciful," afterwards giving added details.Inspector Gilberto Montenegro told Globo TV network's G1 website that the man could face accuse of attempted homicide. Under Brazilian law, prosecutors can adjudge whether to accompany accuse alone afterwards badge abutting their investigation, which may booty 30 days. The man is currently free.