Tax Deal Suggests New Path for Obama

President Obama appear a acting accord with Congressional Republicans on Monday to extend the Bush-era tax cuts at all assets levels for two years as allotment of a amalgamation that would additionally accumulate allowances abounding to the abiding unemployed, cut amount taxes for all workers for a year and booty added accomplish to bolster the economy.The accord appeared to boldness the aboriginal above collision back the midterm elections amid the White House and anew empowered Republicans on Capitol Hill. But it additionally accent the strains Mr. Obama faces in his own affair as he navigates amid a admiration to get things done and a retreat from his own positions and the attempt of abounding liberals.Congressional Democrats advisedly acclaimed that they had yet to accede to any deal, alike as abounding Republicans signaled that they would go along.Mr. Obama said that he did not like some elements of the framework, but that he had agreed to it to abstain accepting taxes access for average chic Americans at the end of the year.