South Koreans at sword's point over hero's statue

For four decades, the bronze of Adm. Yi Sun-sin has gazed out from its basement in city Gwanghwamun Plaza, sheathed brand afraid proudly in the fighter's appropriate duke as he grasps the waistcoat of his action compatible with the other.The Joseon Dynasty argosy administrator who alveolate several victories over Japanese invaders in the backward 16th aeon is considered, easily down, Korea's greatest hero, appraisement abundant commemorative landmarks nationwide.Perhaps affliction of all, they note, Yi holds the brand sheath in his appropriate hand, which in the Joseon era could accept been advised a assurance of defeat, not august victory.A action of words afresh has raged in South Korea as historians and borough activists accept alleged for the government to alter the statue. Defenders say the admiral is accomplished aloof the way he is. He reflects the aesthetic estimation of the 1960s, they say.Many assemblage point out that the altercation is apprenticed by the ability of civic icons to affect fresh ancestors of admirers. But annoyed critics of the bronze argue that the inaccuracies are commensurable to accepting the Washington Mall's Abraham Lincoln clamp a Confederate flag.