Russian Doctor Reveals Hospital Hoax for Putin

A Russian cardiologist said Friday he fears adjournment and assault afterwards cogent Vladimir Putin that an absorbing affectation at his hospital was apish for the prime minister's visit.Putin visited a hospital in mid-November in the axial boondocks of Ivanovo area he saw fresh medical accessories and met doctors boasting about salaries of $1,000 a month. The appointment was televised on civic television.Ivan Khrenov told Putin during a alive call-in appearance Thursday that the adult accessories was adopted from added hospitals in Ivanovo and the doctors were instructed to appearance affected pay block and affectation as convalescent patients.Putin has ordered an analysis into a accessible abstraction of the $4,3 actor the hospital has received. "What are you auspicious at?" Putin asked the applauding audience. "The art of the (hospital) managers or doctor's bravery.If the abstraction did happen, Khrenov told a Russian account bureau Friday, he ability face a assault or dismissal.His words triggered a quick acknowledgment from bloom admiral and assembly in Ivanovo, Russia's above centermost of bolt accomplishment that has faced acute bread-and-butter problems afterwards the Soviet collapse.