Business School Admission Essay

College has become a part of a student’s life, unlike before in which continuing studies after high school is just an option or extra credit they could take. Being in a premiere university gives a person the advantage, both in studies and in life. In most states of the US, there are a lot of prestigious colleges and universities one could choose from, but, actually getting into the student’s preferred university could be very difficult. Aside from the fact that the competition is really tough, there are few factors being considered by universities in accepting an applicant. Factors that could affect students’ opportunities are GPA, SAT, interviews, and essays. Having a good standing in the first two factors gives a person the edge, but still, the over-all personality shall be counted. These are evaluated through interviews and essays. However, some universities do not prefer to conduct interviews due to the large number of students needed to be met. Because of this, Business School Admission Essay play a very important role as it could either make a student stand out or fall out. To make an essay an outstanding piece, students could order model essays or they could let theirs be critiqued and revised through the internet for a very competitive price.