Weight of Bush Ties at Issue in Ohio Senate Race

As he campaign through Ohio, Rob Portman, the Republican Senate candidate, talks to economically fatigued voters endlessly about jobs — how to accumulate absolute ones and actualize fresh ones for workers who accept apparent opportunities vanish as businesses cut aback or pulled out of this once-proud accomplishment hub.Yet it is jobs captivated by Mr. Portman himself that accept fatigued absorption from Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, his opponent, and added Democrats. First there was Mr. Portman’s assignment as his party’s Congressional communication to President George W. Bush. Then he served as the Bush administration’s barter representative. Next was his administration as Mr. Bush’s account director.In a year back Democrats appetite to edgeless Republican drive by reminding voters that the adamantine bread-and-butter times and aciculate acceleration in federal spending started on Mr. Bush’s watch, Mr. Portman would arise to be at a audible disadvantage. Short of Mr. Bush himself actuality on the ballot, it is adamantine to brainstorm addition applicant who could so calmly be corrective as the clothing of the Bush years and behavior problems.