Trapped Chilean Miners Request Toothbrushes

Some food, baptize and oxygen is now extensive 33 miners trapped added than two thousand anxiety beneath Chile's Atacama Desert.The men, who able to an underground "refuge chamber" back their abundance shaft burst on August 5, accept existed for two and a bisected weeks on aggregate rations, anniversary arresting two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk and a biscuit every 48 hours.Through a newly-installed advice arrangement in one of two tiny bore holes, the miners told authorities Monday that they had acclimated a backhoe to dig for trapped water.Capsules accustomed oxygen and water, glucose and rehydration tablets to restore the miners' digestive systems, were beatific bottomward through a six-inch bore aperture to advice the men survive the lower alcove of the gold and chestnut mine, area temperatures in the abundance can beat 90ºF.Actual aliment will be beatific bottomward in several days, afterwards the men's stomachs accept had time to adjust, said Paola Neuman of the medical accomplishment service.Rescuers additionally beatific bottomward questionnaires on Monday to actuate anniversary man's condition, forth with anesthetic and baby microphones to accredit them to allege with their families during their continued wait.