Space Station Astronauts Tackle Urgent Repair Job

A brace of amplitude base astronauts ventured out on an burning spacewalk Saturday to restore a acute cooling arrangement — one of the best arduous aliment anytime attempted at the orbiting lab.As the sun rose over NASA's spaceport, astronauts Douglas Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson exited the International Amplitude Station. Their mission was to alter a burst ammonia coolant pump, a job advised so difficult that two spacewalks are required. Saturday was allotment one.Wheelock bound fabricated his way to the burst pump as the amplitude base circled 220 afar aloft the planet.Do I get added credit?" Caldwell Dyson asked as she aggregate tools.Mission Control said she would and joked that she alike ability acquire an added credibility afterward.Wheelock said all the access looked acceptable on the pump, and he saw no signs it had been hit by micrometeorites or added debris.