Nicole Bengiveno in New Orleans

The burghal of New Orleans has yet to arrect a academic cairn to the accident that larboard 80 percent of the burghal flooded,” said Nicole Bengiveno, a Times columnist who was there in 2005 and afresh returned. “Yet there are reminders everywhere, accidental monuments to all that was lost, and those who accept grappled with rebuilding the city; surreal and evocative tributes to the armament of nature, the animal spirit, adventuresomeness and grief, ambidexterity and bureaucracy.Once authentic that way, monuments appeared wherever Ms. Bengiveno turned. She advisedly acclimated a point-and-shoot camera, rather than an S.L.R., to enhance the faculty that she was documenting her subjects, rather than interacting with them personally. And she photographed anon in atramentous and white, rather than cutting in blush and after converting it.Vigilance ability be the name for the cairn depicted in Slide 6. It shows Aaron Broussard analytical a abode in the adjacency that has been alone for bristles years. Through the window, one can still see flood-related bits inside.