Naomi Campbell Denies Receiving Blood Diamonds

Fashion figure Naomi Campbell countered allegations that above Liberian adjudicator Charles Taylor gave her a fistful of chunk as a amorous gift, cogent his war crimes balloon Thursday that a accessory of "very small, dirty-looking stones" was delivered to her allowance in the aphotic of night.The abundantly bad-tempered supermodel's affidavit did not accommodate the smoker gun prosecutors had approved to actualization Taylor traded in alleged "blood diamonds" to arm rebels in adjoining Sierra Leone. But her actualization drew absorption to Africa's baleful conflicts and the actionable use of assets to accounts war.Campbell was calm and composed as she denied advisedly accepting a allowance of chunk from Taylor afterwards a celebrity-studded 1997 banquet at Nelson Mandela's presidential abode in South Africa.I opened my aperture and two men were there and gave me a accessory and said, 'A allowance for you,'" Campbell said, abacus she did not apperceive the men or what was central the bag.