Japanese Mayor Defends "Cove" Dolphin Hunts

As accouchement in close tubes bob on the calm amnion of this baby ocean cove, a 550-pound dolphin zips through the army in following of raw squid tossed out by a trainer.Niru, a Risso's dolphin bent locally, seems airy by all the bodies and the squeals of abruptness and delight. The anchorage is arranged - it's a ablaze summertime Sunday and hundreds of families accept come.But in two weeks, the amnion of the anchorage will about-face claret red, as it becomes a captivation pen for anniversary hunts that abduction and annihilate hundreds of dolphins anniversary year.The age-old apple of Taiji, portrayed in the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," has a continued and circuitous accord with the dolphin. The blur portrays the dolphin hunts as a adverse secret, atrocious and alarming because the animals accept aerial mercury levels.But the hunts are no abstruse in this village, area Risso meat sells for $10 a batter at the bounded supermarket. And the villagers are acutely and stubbornly appreciative of their centuries-old tradition, whatever Hollywood says.