Blast kills seven in China's Xinjiang

Seven bodies accept been dead and 14 afflicted in a bomb bang in China's Xinjiang region.The access happened in Aksu burghal in the west of the alien western region.A bounded government spokeswoman, Hou Hanmin, said a Uighur man collection a three-wheeled agent accustomed an atomic accessory into a crowd.The man was arrested at the arena and investigations were ongoing, Ms Hou said.It was a three-wheeled vehicle, it has an atomic accessory on it. It exploded while the three-wheeled agent ran into the army at a artery intersection," she told the BBC Chinese service.All of the afflicted were bounded residents, she said, and four of them had suffered austere injuries.Last year baleful indigenous riots erupted in Xinjiang afterwards tensions flared amid the Muslim Uighur boyhood and the Han Chinese.There accept additionally been a cardinal of blasts in Xinjiang in the past, which the government blames on Uighur separatists.But Uighur activists and animal rights groups allege Beijing of application the affair to able bottomward on Uighur dissidents, who accept complained that after-effects of Han Chinese migrants accept marginalised the Uighur culture.