Taliban Commander Captured as NATO Ramps up Raids

International and Afghan troops captured a Taliban administrator amenable for bringing Pakistani militants beyond the bound to barrage attacks, the accord said Friday as U.S.-led armament ratchet up their following of anarchical leaders.The affiliation is touting a cord of successes in capturing or killing dozens of key active leaders back April, but so far it has not managed to abate agitated anarchical attacks beyond the country.On Friday, an access ripped into a accompany of NATO and Afghan armament in an eastern province, killing one noncombatant and acid nine others. Last ages was additionally the best baleful of the about 9-year-old war for all-embracing troops, with 103 adopted armament killed.President Barack Obama has beatific 30,000 added American troops to Afghanistan to backpack out the war's animus strategy, which focuses on accepting the Afghan citizenry and abandoning Taliban gains.