School Aims to Re-Teach Civics With Focus on Faith

Some three dozen kids ages 10 to 15 are spending bristles nights this anniversary acquirements what organizers — some with tea affair ties — say they won't apprehend in academy about the Constitution, the founding fathers and the role of acceptance in the bearing of the United States.If we're activity to booty our country back, we've got to bethink area we came from — not alone as adults, but we charge to advise our children," said Tim Fairfield, one of the teachers, who wore a three-cornered hat at the aperture chic of Vacation Liberty School. It's captivated in a abbey basement in Georgetown, a burghal aloof arctic of Lexington that is the armpit of a above Toyota accumulation plant.The class includes acquaint like "equal rights, not according results," "recognize men don't actualize rights — alone God," and "understanding falsehoods of break of abbey and state.And organizers say the affairs has fatigued absorption from bodies attractive to alpha fresh capacity in Ohio, Colorado, Fresh York, Florida and added communities in Kentucky.