Rustic Furniture

When I think of rustic furniture, I think of wood that may be scarred from the passage of time and use.Furniture such as the old jelly cupboard that came out of my grandfathers barn that was passed down from his parents, I believe made out of all pine.I think of Moms old Cedar Wardrobe and Cedar Chest, the buffet table of the early 1900s made out of pressed woods and veneers and even the tiny metal wagon wheel sconces that my father gave her years ago hanging on the dining room wall. Rustic is the old black pot-bellied stove of black metal sitting in the kitchen.I know most of the furniture passed down through our family were made from cedars, pines, and oak woods.I picture rustic furniture and antique as mostly the same in my opinion though. I picture rustic as old looking and made with lots of care and effort as is with antiques. Of course none of our family heirlooms measure up to the beauty of the furniture pictured in the Rustic Furniture catalog. The furniture pictured there is rustic looking with a modern newly built flair to it.