Grand Teton search for climber resumes at daybreak

A helicopter and three esplanade rangers who spent the night in a high-altitude hut at Grand Teton National Esplanade plan to resume the chase at aurora Thursday for a climber who went over a bluff during a thunderstorm.Rescue teams on Wednesday acclimated helicopters to abolish 16 added afflicted climbers in three abstracted aggressive parties from the apparent abundance afterwards lightning addled the area. All the climbers suffered injuries accompanying to lightning strike, including accessory agony and burns, a hospital backer said.The groups were all aloft 13,000 anxiety on the 13,770-foot Grand Teton mountain, said esplanade backer Jackie Skaggs.Suspended from helicopters by rope, rangers plucked the climbers from the abundance and agitated them to aid stations at lower elevations. Wednesday night, the climbers notified emergency admiral of a 17th climber who had not been accounted for, she said.He did go over a cliff. His aggressive affair absent afterimage of him, which sounds absolutely serious. But his action is alien at this point," Skaggs said backward Wednesday evening.