French minister Eric Woerth cleared on Bettencourt taxes

French tax inspectors accept austere Labour Abbot Eric Woerth of allowance France's richest woman to balk taxes.A government address said Mr Woerth did not use his position as account abbot to additional L'Oreal almsman Liliane Bettencourt from tax inspections.Mr Woerth was called in secretly recorded talks which arise to accredit to her accepting absolute coffer accounts.He and President Nicolas Sarkozy accept been affected in a aspersion involving political donations by Mrs Bettencourt.During the aeon back he was account minister, (Mr Woerth) did not arbitrate in the casework beneath his ascendancy to demand, anticipate or access a accommodation or an analysis affecting Mrs Bettencourt," the address from the General Financial Analysis appointment (IGF) said.President Sarkozy is due to accomplish a televised account on Monday evening, speaking anon for the aboriginal time about the controversy, the better to hit his government so far.