Argentina Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Argentina legalized same-sex alliance Thursday, acceptable the aboriginal country in Latin America accord gays and lesbians all the acknowledged rights that alliance brings to heterosexual couples.After a chase agitation that lasted added than 16 hours, the vote was 33 in favor, 27 adjoin and 3 abstentions in Argentina's Senate. Since the lower abode already accustomed the bill and Admiral Cristina Fernandez is a able supporter, it now becomes the law of the land.The bill anesthetized admitting a concerted attack by the Roman Catholic Church and evangelical groups, which drew 60,000 bodies to a advance on Congress beforehand this week.As agitation abject into the wee hours, supporters and opponents captivated battling vigils throughout the frigid night alfresco the Congress architecture in Buenos Aires.Marriage amid a man and a woman has existed for centuries, and is capital for the constancy of the species," insisted Sen. Juan Perez Alsina, usually a loyal adherent of the admiral who gave a amorous accent adjoin gay marriage.