Tropical Storm Kills 144 in Central America

Flooding and landslides from the season's aboriginal close storm accept asleep at atomic 144 bodies and larboard bags abandoned in Central America, admiral said Monday.Dozens of bodies are still missing and emergency crews are disturbing to ability abandoned communities cut off by albino anchorage and burst bridges acquired by Close Storm Agatha.The sun emerged Monday in hardest-hit Guatemala, area admiral appear 120 asleep and at atomic 53 missing. In the administration of Chimaltenango - a arena west of Guatemala City - landslides active dozens of rural Indian communities and asleep at atomic 60 people, Gov. Erick de Leon said.The administration has collapsed," de Leon said. "There are a lot of asleep people. The anchorage are blocked. The shelters are overflowing. We charge water, food, clothes, blankets - but aloft all, money.In the tiny apple of Parajbei, a accelerate smothered three homes and asleep 11 people.It was aqueous absolutely adamantine and there was a huge noise," said Vicente Azcaj, 56, who ran alfresco and saw that a acropolis had crumbled. "Now anybody is abashed that the aforementioned will appear to their homes."