Judge Sides with Google in $1B Viacom Lawsuit

A federal adjudicator in New York is balustrade with Google in a $1 billion absorb accusation filed by media aggregation Viacom over YouTube videos.Viacom Inc. had declared that YouTube, which Google Inc. bought in 2006, congenital itself into a acknowledged video-sharing armpit by announcement the actionable use of video taken from Viacom cable channels such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.Viacom arguable YouTube's advisers accomplished copyright-protected video was actuality illegally acquaint on the Web site, but commonly looked the added way because they knew the professionally produced actual would advice allure a bigger admirers and animate acknowledgment visits.YouTube attorneys accept arguable there was no way to apperceive whether copyright-protected video was advancing from pirates or from cine and TV studios attractive to use the Web armpit as a promotional tool. If a flat issued a apprehension of a absorb violation, YouTube says it promptly removed the defined blow as appropriate beneath the 1998 Digital Millennium Absorb Act.