Customer e-mails CEO; phone company issues warning

AT&T apologized to a chump Thursday afterwards one of its agents larboard a bulletin on a customer's voicemail admonishing him that he would accept a cease-and-desist letter afterwards the chump e-mailed AT&T's CEO anon about some complaints.Giorgio Galante, an AT&T chump and iPhone buyer back 2008 from Buffalo, New York, told CNN that he was annoyed with the company's administration of questions surrounding his iPhone advancement accommodation dates. He was additionally affronted with the contempo account of AT&T's appraisement plan restructuring, which, amid added things, will end absolute abstracts plans. He absitively to e-mail CEO Randall Stephenson anon about his issuesPlease don't accept one of your $12/hour 'Executive Relations' academy acceptance alarm me -- I've begin them to be about ailing abreast ( readers apperceive added than they do about AT&T) and they accept little ascendancy to do annihilation sensible," reads a allocation of Galante's e-mail to Stephenson.