Coast Guard to BP: Speed up containment

The federal government has accustomed BP 48 hours to acquisition means to acceleration up its efforts to accommodate huge amounts of oil blubbering from a burst able-bodied into the Gulf of Mexico, according to a letter appear Saturday.Coast Guard Rear Adm. James A. Watson beatific a letter to BP admiral on Friday cogent annoyance with the all-embracing clip of the accomplishment and ordered the aggregation to analyze means to accelerate the action in the advancing says.Recognizing the complication of this challenge, every accomplishment charge be expended to acceleration up the process," Watson wrote in the letter, beatific to Doug Suttles, BP's arch operating officer.Also Saturday, President Barack Obama reassured Prime Minister David Cameron in a buzz alarm that his annoyance over the oil discharge is not an advance on Britain, area BP is based.The petroleum behemothic has struggled with several efforts to accommodate the oil. The most recent cap installed on the blown-out able-bodied is capturing about 650,000 gallons of oil a day, but ample quantities are still spilling into the sea.