Alleged Russian spy ring members led typical American lives

Richard and Cynthia Murphy grew bill in a backyard garden, absolved their daughters to the academy bus anniversary morning, and swapped Christmas cards with neighbors who had confused to Texas.Their bashful three-bedroom abode sported beach shutters and a wrap-around porch, and sat on a ambagious artery in a flush suburb beyond from Manhattan. They collection a blooming Honda Civic.To all appearances, the Murphys were a typical, child-obsessed American ancestors — not deep-cover Russian spies beeline from a Cold War novel.As a result, the 11 — the better declared spy arena every burst by the FBI — attenuated into American association for added than a decade. They abutting neighbors at block parties, academy picnics and bus stops. Four of the couples were married, and at atomic three had adolescent children.One doubtable wrote columns for a Spanish-language bi-weekly in New York. Another ran an all-embracing consulting and administration close in Boston, while his wife awash cher absolute acreage abreast Harvard University.