Whaler and Activist Ship Collide Off Antarctica

The anti-whaling address the Bob Barker and a Japanese harpoon baiter collided in the icy amnion off Antarctica on Saturday -- the additional aloft affray this year in the more advancing confrontations amid the two sides.No one was reportedly afflicted in the most recent strike. The U.S.-based activist accumulation Sea Shepherd, which sends argosy to accost the Japanese agile anniversary year, said a baby aperture was broken in the bark of its ship, but it was aloft the baptize band and the barge was not in crisis of sinking.Sea Shepherd architect Captain Paul Watson said by accessory blast that the Japanese address rammed the Bob Barker -- called afterwards the U.S. bold appearance host who donated millions to shop for it for Sea Shepherd -- as it blocked the slipway of the Japanese fleet's branch ship.Watson's affirmation that the Bob Barker was advisedly hit could not be apart verified.Japanese Fisheries Agency official Takashi Mori said admiral were aggravating to affirm capacity of a appear clash.Saturday's blow was the additional this year amid a Sea Shepherd baiter and the Japanese fleet.