Ukraine vote count shows win for Yanukovych

Opposition applicant Viktor Yanukovych has almost defeated Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine's bitterly fought presidential race, a basic vote calculation showed Wednesday.The Central Elections Commission took three canicule to calculation the ballots from Sunday's runoff vote, announcement that the pro-Russia Yanukovych garnered 48.95 percent of the ballots to Tymoshenko's 45.47 percent.Four percent voted adjoin both candidates, while 1.2 percent of the ballots were spoiled, the antecedent calculation showed. Voter assembly was high, about 69 percent. Official after-effects were to be appear by Feb. 17.Tymoshenko's supporters accept said she affairs to accurately claiming the result.Unlike accomplished elections in Ukraine, this vote was accepted by all-embracing monitors as actuality chargeless and fair. The U.S. Embassy hailed it as "another footfall in the alliance of Ukraine's democracy.Tymoshenko was the charlatan of the Orange pro-democracy protests that erupted afterwards Yanukovych was declared the champ of the 2004 presidential election. That vote was befuddled out by the cloister due to massive fraud, and Yanukovych absent a revote to President Viktor Yushchenko.