Toyota Details Recall of 2010 Prius for Brake Problems

Toyota said Tuesday that it would its anamnesis 436,000 units of the 2010 Prius and added amalgam models common because of a annihilate in the braking system, a move that adds to the growing crisis at the Japanese automaker.One of Toyota’s accepted big recalls additionally involves attic mats that could allurement the accelerator pedal.Toyota additionally said Tuesday it had apoplectic shipments of its Lexus HS250h and Sai hybrids from a Japanese branch because of a agnate anchor annihilate banishment the Prius recall. It has awash about 15,000 Lexus HS250h cars and 7,700 Sais back those models went on auction aftermost year. The HS250h is Toyota's aboriginal committed affluence hybrid, and the Sai has been Japan-only amalgam archetypal back December.In contempo months, Toyota has recalled about eight actor cars common over gas pedals that could stick or become bent on attic mats. The automaker now faces questions over whether it commonly anchored potentially alarming defects in fresh models after abandoning those already on the road. Older Priuses are additionally artless by the anchor glitch, Toyota has said.Toyota has been investigating complaints from Prius owners that the brakes sometimes abort to bang in anon on icy or aflutter roads.