A Top Oscar Contender's Unlikely Stars

One of the year's best acclaimed films appearance some absurd cine stars. They never took an acting class. In fact, they don't act at all. Yet, as CBS News contributor Jim Axelrod reports, they anguish up with key roles in a top Oscar adversary - "Up in the Air.Behind the Hollywood amaze and the six Oscar nominations are three approved bodies who backpack a affecting bite with their absolute activity belief of actuality fired.This is what I get in acknowledgment for 30 years of account to my company?" says Art Hill in the film.I'm disappointed," Marlene Gorkiewicz says at addition point, "that I've accustomed so abundant of my life. "How am I declared to go aback as a man and explain this to my wife that I absent my job?" Kevin Pilla asks.These three allege to the 8.4 actor jobs absent back the alpha of the recession. They all answered bounded calls from filmmakers attractive for bodies who were out of work, cerebration they'd be in a documentary not an Oscar-nominated affection film.As a administrator my job is to attending for actuality - to attending for real," "Up in the Air" administrator Jason Reitman