Tampa Fl hotels

In July next year, I and my friend are planning to go to San Francisco and Florida for a tour. She has relatives in Florida where we can stay but I have second thoughts in staying with relatives as sometimes they tend to show their hospitality by being absent from work just to entertain their visitors. Sometimes they try hard to fit in, despite their so hectic work schedules, a treat to a good place at their expense. Not that we don't like their hospitality but the thought that we are distracting their work schedules make us feel guilty. It is best to stay in a Tampa Fl hotels and just visit relatives and friends when they are off from work. We can be staying in a hotel and pay less as we will divide between the two of us the hotel expenses. I just hope that when it is time for me and my friend to travel we can avail of similar hotel promotions, too. As early as now, we are already saving money so that by July we will have enough money for our trip.