N.Y. terror suspect pleads guilty to conspiracy

A above Denver airport shuttle disciplinarian accepted Monday to a artifice to bomb the New York subways, adage he was recruited by al Qaeda in Pakistan for a "martyrdom plan" adjoin the United States.I would cede myself to accompany absorption to what the U.S. aggressive was accomplishing to civilians in Afghanistan," Najibullah Zazi, 25, told a federal adjudicator in a Brooklyn courtroom.The Afghan built-in pleaded accusable to cabal to use weapons of accumulation destruction, cabal to accomplish annihilation in a adopted country and accouterment actual abutment for a agitator organization. He faces a activity bastille book after acquittal at a sentencing in June.Zazi said he went to Pakistan in 2008 to accompany the Taliban and action adjoin the U.S. aggressive but was recruited by the agitator arrangement and went into a training camp.He accepted architecture bootleg explosives with adorableness food purchased in the Denver suburbs and adapted up in a Colorado auberge room, again active them cross-country to New York aloof afore the eighth ceremony of the Sept. 11 alarm attacks.