My Life is Filled With Stress

I had recently completed my graduation in the field of electrical and electronics engineering but now I face the toughest situation in my life. Why because I didn’t the right job for my profession the recession had hit me a lot and the most of the companies had stopped the recruitments while some companies’ conducts off campus but the competition is high and seats also limited. My dream is to enter into IT field and I am shocked to see that most of companies had stopped recruiting freshers and in some companies layoffs are going on. My life is now filled with stress I can’t face my relatives as every one ask why u didn’t get the job for so long duration. Thank god blogging gave my comforts in my life as of now I can balance my family life as I can earn good money through blogging.But I have the confidence that in myself that one day I will achieve my target and by staying cool in pressure situation one achieve whatever he desire. So I decided to control my stress during this toughest period in my life. One of my close buddy told that by attending stress reduction seminar we can control both the stress and emotions. Have to try it!