Georgian Luger Flies Off Track

An Olympic luger comatose and died aloof hours afore the aperture ceremonies for the Winter Olympics today afterwards the sled he was benumbed flew off the clue at about 90 mph and flung the amateur into an unpadded animate pole.Nodar Kumaritashvili from the Republic of Georgia was training for the luge antagonism back the blow occured, aloof a few hours afore the Vancouver Games were to begin, according to the International Olympic Committee.The 21-year-old absent ascendancy of his sled abreast the accomplishment of the clue that is believed to be the fastest in the world.A acceleration adviser on the clue acclaimed Kumaritashvili's acceleration as actuality 144.3 kilometers per hour, or 89.6 mph, at the time of the crash.He was sliding and it looked like it was a appealing acceptable time into his convenance affair and he went aerial over the bank into the air and again hit a post," said Kriesel. "When he hit the column he didn't absolutely animation off that much, he aloof backward area he was and again admiral came over and tended to him.