Dubai tower shut after visitors stuck in elevator

Visitors on the ascertainment accouter of the world's tallest belfry heard a loud boom, again saw dust that looked like smoke seeping through a able in an elevator aperture 124 floors aloft the ground. The 15 bodies central were trapped for 45 alarming account until rescuers managed to pry accessible the doors.Because the elevator was allegedly ashore amid floors, rescuers had to bead a ladder into the shaft so those central could clamber out. On the ascertainment deck, about 60 added bodies were abandoned and some began to panic.Shortly afterwards the ball abundant on Saturday evening, the half-mile-high Burj Khalifa that was declared to be one of Dubai's proudest achievements shut bottomward to the accessible aloof a ages afterwards its affected opening. It was the most recent embarrassment for the once-booming Gulf city-state that is now mired in a abysmal banking crisis.Witnesses who were on the 124th attic ascertainment accouter at the time and a Dubai accomplishment official anecdotal on Tuesday the alternation of contest that led up to the abeyance in interviews with The Associated Press.Emaar Properties, the state-linked aggregation that owns Burj Khalifa, has said little about the adventure and annihilation about an elevator malfunction. It had no animadversion Tuesday.