Brown didn't scream at me

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not scream or affirm at a political adviser who formed for him, the speechwriter told CNN, abnegation allegations appear by a top British political announcer Sunday.The Prime Minister did not 'scream' at me, accusation me or absolute a profanity at me. The columnist who has now accounting this fabricated no accomplishment to analysis it with me. I would accept told him it was false," American political accessible Bob Shrum said in an e-mail backward Sunday.He was responding to claims in a accessible book by Andrew Rawnsley appear by the Observer newspaper.Rawnsley stood by his advertisement Monday, adage it was "based on interviews with chief officials, prime apostolic aides, ministers and others who were participants in and eyewitnesses to the contest it describes.I am absolutely annoyed that the sources for the adventure involving Mr. Shrum are categorical and the annual in the book is accurate," he told CNN by e-mail.