Guantanamo inmates to be sent to Illinois prison

A cardinal of inmates from the US apprehension centre at Guantanamo Bay are to be transferred to an Illinois prison, a US official has said.The Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Illinois, will abode amid 35 and 90 detainees, US media report.The official said closing Guantanamo apprehension centre was "essential" to abolish a key al-Qaeda recruiting tool.President Barack Obama has apprenticed to abutting the Cuba-based affected and had accustomed himself one year to accomplish this.However, with admiral still aggravating to assignment out what to do with about 215 inmates still at the camp, he accepted in November that a 22 January borderline had slipped to after in 2010.Today's advertisement is an important footfall advanced as we assignment to accomplish our civic aegis objective," a US official said in a statement.Closing the apprehension centre at Guantanamo is capital to attention our civic aegis and allowance our troops by removing a baleful recruiting apparatus from the easily of al-Qaeda.