Get Your iTunes Gift Cards through Facebook

Facebook has tuned to be the biggest social network with more than 120 million users worldwide through face book you chat with your friends, photo sharing, passing funny comments, testimonials, videos, games and everything you can find on facebook.Now it is festival time we are all awaiting to welcome Christmas and new year. Through facebook we can send wishes and greetings whether it is possible to send the gifts through facebook ?The answer is yes the Blackhawk Network the largest provider of gift cards now offers facebook customers to purchase and send iTunes Online Gifts. Through Tunes Fan Page we can purchase and send the online gifts to all our buddies who are linked through facebook.I love this new feauture from ITunes which allows us the recipient to convert their online gift to any iTunes Store by a simple mouse click and to choose from the world's largest online selection of music, movies, TV shows, audio books and more. The receiver receives this iTunes Online Gift as a post on their facebook which we can redeem it one the iTunes Store .This great new service is now available for U.S customers and likely to spread to the other countries also.