D.C. zoo sending panda to China to breed

A admired behemothic panda will leave for China aboriginal abutting year to the disappointment of millions of admirers in the United States.Washington's National Zoo will say goodbye to 4-year-old Tai Shan as he makes his way to a ancestry abject in southwestern China. He'll leave during the aboriginal division of 2010, according to the zoo and Chinese state-run media.Tai Shan -- on accommodation from China -- was built-in at the National Zoo to pandas that additionally are adopted from China.His father, 11-year-old Tian Tian, and his mother, 10-year-old Mei Xiang, are due in China in December 2010, according to the Xinhua account agency.While we're appreciative to accelerate off a advantageous panda to be allotment of China's ancestry program, we will absolutely absence him dearly," the National Zoo's Web armpit said of Tai Shan.He has added growing to do, however.Although Tai Shan has the body of a grownup macho panda, we still accept to delay for about two years afore it is sexually mature," said Li Desheng, agent administrator of the administration appointment of the Wolong National Natural Reserve in Sichuan province, according to Xinhua.