Find New Dimension of Nouveau Riche

The term nouveau riche is basically derived from French that refers to someone who has acquired more wealth in his generation and nouveau riche actually refers to newly rich. Today most of the countries are improving a lot in the field of economy, now iam going to briefly discuss one of the fastest growing country. India is basically an agricultural country with poor economy background after completion of 50 years of independence it has now touched nouveau riche in the field of economy.

Now India is one of largest country in IT sector with increase in number of foreign investors targeting both rural and urban areas to start their business activities. Most of these foreign investors are basically from U.S.A, U.K and Europe and their offering projects like outsourcing and purely IT related process.

More job opportunities are created this has changed life cycle of Indian people and people are getting more educated as a result illiteracy rate going down rapidly. Indian women’s who are separated from education are being educated in rural areas too through rapid action by government As quoted by former president Abdul kalam that “India will be Superpower by 2020” that’s going to happen for sure.