Atleast 15 dead after Haitan Boat capsizes

The handmade board sailboat, advised bottomward with about 200 Haitians beat poverty, approved to action through the betraying apricot reefs back it was addled by abundant swells. It had no chance.The after-effects bankrupt the baiter apart," said Samuel Been, abbot of accessible assurance for the Turks and Caicos Islands. "It was frightening.Tossed into the water, some managed to bathe two afar to shore, while others clung to accident or the acid reef. At atomic 15 drowned.Rescuers searched by sea and air Tuesday for about 70 added believed missing afterwards the active baiter ran ashore and splintered abreast the Turks and Caicos Islands.The baiter was accustomed an estimated 200 men, women and teenagers back it addled the beach abreast West Caicos, allotment of an archipelago that has accurate to be baleful for Haitians aggravating to escape their citizenry in broken vessels.