Afghanistan Attacks Among Deadliest of the War

At times, the Taliban breached U.S. defenses during the fighting, and one U.S. official said "everything in the breadth that was available," including helicopters, fighter jets and drones were alleged in to repel the attack.Initial letters said that eight Americans accept died in the advance and nine were wounded. Two added Americans were dead by roadside bombs on Sunday, bringing the afterlife assessment for Americans in Afghanistan to at atomic 17 so far for the ages of October, already authoritative it one of the deadliest months of the war.The blood-soaked weekend added burden on the Obama administering during its advancing analysis of aggressive action there.ABC News' Chris Cuomo, advertisement from Jalalabad on "Good Morning America" Monday, said the bearings in Nuristan was about calm afterwards three canicule of acute angry abreast a brace of alien U.S. outposts in the Kamdesh district, aloof 10 afar from the Pakistan border. Aggressive admiral say added than 300 Taliban fighters descended on the U.S. admixture which was aloof canicule abroad from actuality closed.